When I was pregnant, everyone would tell me how much my life would change once I had a baby. While I understood the concept, I didn’t completely realize exactly how true it is. Having a child has changed my life completely. Every decision I make, as a wife, mother and woman, I determine how it’s going to affect my son.

Not only has my outlook on life changed, but my tolerance for people has diminished to next to zero. I don’t have the same level of patience for people that I did. I just don’t have time to make their issues my own and try to fix them anymore – I have my own life to focus on. A lot of people say that makes me a bitch.

So be it.

In the past year, I’ve cut a lot of people out of my life. I can count on one hand the number of friends I view important enough to keep in my life and as a part of my son’s life. I’m incredibly picky about who I choose to let around my son, and for good reason. He doesn’t need people coming in and out of his life anymore than I do. I need stable friendships I can depend on, that are going to offer me support when I need it and are going to understand that no, I can’t just drop everything and go shopping one day, and yes, there will be times I’ll have to cancel on you last minute because Logan’s caught a cold, or he’s teething and didn’t sleep a wink the night before.

There have been many friendships that I’ve ended because the person on the other end can’t possibly begin to understand the life of a stay at home mom, and refuses to allow for any accommodations.  To them I simply say, “You’re not worth my time”.

The few friends I’ve kept are by far amazing people. I know that I can call any of them up at any point, just to vent about my day, or share something new and exciting that Logan did and they’ll be just as excited as I am (at least, almost 🙂 ). And that’s what I need.

Yes, I’m going to talk about my son a lot – I’m a mom, it’s what I do. I spend 24/7 with this child so no, I’m not really going to have a whole lot to talk about in regards to the latest fashion designs since I’m too focused on the fact my son just figured out how to take his diaper off.

All that said, my friendships are very important to me. They keep me in touch with who I am as a person and remind me that I’m more than just ‘Logan’s Mom’.


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