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Post Vacation Blues


As you are well aware, I took a mini hiatus from The Domesticated Blonde

Why? To go on vacation, of course!

I spent my days blissfully unaware of the world  while I sat on the beach sipping margaritas. 

Hah. I wish! 

I spent two weeks catching up with family and friends, be a part of my best friend of 16 years wedding, and some much needed quality time with my mommy. But I will talk more about that in my three-part mini-series. Part 1 will be launching on Thursday. 

For now, let’s discuss the ramifications settling back into a normal routine with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. 

Our routine is common knowledge. As much as we tried to stick to schedule, we did deviate a bit. A two hour time difference to deal with, new locations every day, grandmas and papas to spoil them every day… 

It was glorious. 

Our return to normalcy? Not so much. 

Two weeks later, I am still having a difficult time. 

Exhaustion, no sleep and tantrums, oh my! 

My two year old has taken to assuming the hours from 11pm to 3am are party time. Then during the day she becomes so over tired she refuses to nap. 

My 5 year old has taken to questioning every single thing I say. And then try to explain why I’m wrong. 

How does one deal with this? By escaping into the bubbles. Nightly. As I type this, I am hiding in the bath that has already gone cold while I listen to my husband walk my 5 year old back to bed for the 7th time this evening. 

Things will go back to normal eventually. Right?! 


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