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The Day I Told My Dad To ‘F’ Himself


Everyone has that self defining moment from their youth. That moment that shapes you as an adult. Not only does it change your outlook on life, it changes you internally. You won’t realize it at the time. You probably won’t even recognize it as a life-altering moment until years have gone by and that moment starts to fade into a distant memory.

At this point, I’ve forgotten the specifics.

My dad and I started arguing – about what, I’m not really sure. Nothing of any really substance I’m assuming.

But I will never forget what happened next.

I was upset. I was angry. I was furious.

At my dad.

I stormed off to my room, slamming the door with typical teenage angst. But before that door slammed shut, I told my dad to ‘F’ himself. Mind you, at 14 I was a good girl and had never so much as uttered a swear word prior to this moment, let alone swearing at my father.

His response changed me.

“Good! If you can tell your old man to ‘F’ himself, you can tell those so called friends of yours!”
He had a point. A very, very, important point that my 14 year old self needed to hear.

If I can tell my dad off, whom I love and respect greatly, I should be able to tell anyone off.

So I did.

As an adult, I can appreciate the lesson even more. Nothing will change unless you speak up. You can’t change the world without using your voice.

Now, don’t go telling the world to ‘F’ themselves, but do use your voice and stand up for what you believe in, stand up for what is right, and while you’re at it, stand up for yourself.

You are worth it. Your thoughts matter. Your opinion is valuabe. There is no other ‘you’ that exists. Your voice is meant to be heard.

Use it. And use it well.



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  1. Wow,I am glad I had made a major impact on your life that day. Can not ask for a better daughter than you . Love dad

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