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When the Plague Strikes



No amount of antibacterial soap will save you. Nothing can stop it. You can hide in your house, but you can’t escape it.

It. Will. Find. You.

Stomach flu. Gastro. That gross, nasty, disgusting, evil sickness that strikes unexpectedly and within days has taken down every member of your family. You will not be the same person you were before the attack. You will see things that cannot be unseen and you will hear sounds that can not be unheard.

Wednesday at approximately 1:47pm it struck my youngest. It awoke her abruptly from her nap. When a 23 month old wakes up crying and saying ‘puke. Puke. Puke.’ You start to panic.

No. No. No. No. Becomes your mantra.

And then it happens. Forceful. Powerful. Never-ending. Until you and the toddler are covered in the contents of her stomach.


A bath in bleach is probably necessary. But you settle for lots of soap and water. And spend the next 6-8 hours repeating the process every 30 minutes to an hour. Until by golly she’s got it! And starts managing to get it into the bucket! Miraculous!

You survive the night and the next day life returns to normal. You start lying to yourself. Maybe it was something she ate. Maybe it’s those pesky 2 year molars. Maybe. Just maybe.

Thursday approximately 10:03pm you hear the loud thump, thump, thump and slam! Of the bathroom door. Followed by the sounds that can never be unheard. And you will never see your husband the same again.

You huddle deep down under your blankets in bed. If you put the blanket over your head to muffle the sound, you can pretend that it’s not happening.

It was probably something he ate.

Early Friday morning, before dawn, approximate time unknown.

You are awoken by a gurgle in your stomach.

No. No. No. No. NO!

You refuse to believe it. NO!

And then it happens. You are now the one thump, thump, thumping and slamming the bathroom door. You are the one making the sounds that cannot be unheard.

You spend the next 6-8 hours running from the couch to the bathroom and back again.

The kids are alive? Good. Watching their 3rd movie today and on their 4th bowl of popcorn? What. Ever.

You. Will. Survive.

Barely, but you do. And so do the kids.

Sunday lazily rolls around. Your oldest has yet to be infected.

Monday morning, he’s still not infected.

Best keep him home from preschool anyway. To be safe.
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